Foster family a respite from the battle

Friends are celebrating a new addition to their family. It’s a boy. He has dark hair and dark eyes. And he weighs 105 pounds.

That is National Enquirer large for an infant, but he’s not an infant. He’s 14.

With their biological children grown, and more love and resources still to share, this couple became foster parents. They fell in love with this young man and adopted him. He’s nearing the peak of teenage boy awkwardness, yet he nearly beams and is at ease with his new family.

Ironically, the finalization of his adoption nearly collided with the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. He is one of those that easily could have been an abortion statistic. But he wasn’t. He has had a brutally hard start to life, but now he has a good family and a bright future. We think we know from the beginning how every story will unfold, but we don’t.

We don’t know how Roe v. Wade will continue to unfold. According to a Pew Research poll only 44 percent of adults younger than 30 know that Roe v. Wade legalized abortion. They’re like the young tart in “Monster-In-Law” who thought Roe v. Wade was a boxing match.

In the early days following Roe v. Wade, it was not uncommon to find family practice doctors performing abortions. Today, 87 percent of all counties lack an abortion provider. Abortionists have become the pariahs of the medical community. There are only four abortionists left that still perform third-trimester abortions, a grizzly procedure too gruesome to describe here, but a procedure nonetheless voted in favor of twice by our sitting president.

During the past four decades, post-abortion syndrome has been identified as a disorder needing treatment. Even Planned Parenthood clinics offer post-abortion counseling.

Abortion is an issue that ties your brain in knots. People drop from the trees to fight for animal rights, but those same activists are usually pro-abortion when it comes to the rights of unborn humans.

Here in Indianapolis, a pregnant woman tried to take her life two years ago and failed, but the poison killed her unborn baby. She was charged with murder and feticide. Unravel that one with any semblance of logic if you can.

NARAL quotes a poll that claims 63 percent of Americans oppose overturning Roe v. Wade while pro-life camps cite a CNN poll that says 62% of respondents want abortion illegal or legal only in certain cases.

In the early days the debate centered on whether “it” was life. Technology has answered loud and clear in 3-D ultrasound. Today, the consensus is that it is life; the question now is whether one life has the right to terminate another.

In a sense, adoption and opening the doors to foster children have become the pro-life counterattacks on abortion. It is a case of actions speaking louder than words – it is the answer to the scurrilous charge that pro-lifers only care for life in the womb.

In the midst of an ugly battle with no end in sight, giving life, caring for life and making a home for the homeless is a beautiful act of both courage and charity.